-Recreational Vehicle Park-

Park Guidelines

New Policies, Please read and review carefully

Taylorsville RV Park Guidelines

Updated in 2021

You have signed that you know and will abide by these policies during your stay.

We try to have minimal guidelines. To keep costs contained, to maintain the beauty of the park, and to provide an enjoyable camping experience for everyone, these procedures are essential. These guidelines have been carefully drafted with reasons for each category.

Quiet Hours: 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Summary of basic rules

  1. Please do not park on the grass & limit of two vehicles and no boats at campsites
  2. We do not have tent camping at any site
  3. Dogs must be on a leash at all times
  4. No swimming or boating in the lake
  5. No four wheeler – only golf carts are permitted
  6. Quiet time begins at 10:00 P.M.
  7. Check full copy of guidelines before putting items in the dumpster
  8. Check out time is 11:00 A.M.
  9. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings

Full guideline explanation and disclosure

  1. Dumpster
    1. Only garbage from campsites and while you are at the park is permitted to be left at the dumpster
    2. The following cannot be left or thrown away on the park grounds
      1. Furniture
      2. Household appliances
      3. Carpet
      4. Tires or automotive parts
      5. Lawn furniture
      6. Mattresses
      7. Lumber or building materials
    3. Recycle Bin Provided for:
      1. Cardboard
      2. Tin
      3. Plastic
      4. Paper
  2. General courtesy and safety
    1. Please refrain from loud, profane, and abusive language
    2. Alcoholic beverages must stay at campsites. (i.e. – no open containers around the park grounds)
    3. Observe the quiet hours as posted in these guidelines
    4. Release of any RV tanks onto the ground of the park is prohibited. A dump station is provided for your use
    5. Your campsite is to be kept clean during your stay
    6. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at the park rest room facility
    7. Do not walk through others campsites without an invitation
  3. Water use
    1. No cars, RVs, or boats can be washed on the park grounds. Excess water washes gravel away and the added cost of the water is not within the operating budget of the park
    2. Pets cannot be washed in the bathhouse
    3. Sprinklers, water slides, and wading / inflatable pools are not permitted at the campsites
  4. Lake
    1. For safety and insurance compliance, canoes, boats, kayaks, or swimming in the lake are not permitted
    2. Feel free enjoy the lake for catch and release fishing
  5. Pets and Leash Policy
    1. Dogs and pets are welcome at our park. What would life be like without them?
    2. Experience has shown us that even, “the friendly dog” in this environment of so many other pets and odors can be on guard and easily provoked
    3. All dogs must always be on a leash. You will be reminded of this if you are not in compliance. There are no exceptions to this policy. Even Sky (the owner’s dog) is either on a leash, is indoors, or is in his fenced enclosure. For safety, liability, and everyone’s peace of mind, please follow this policy
    4. Dog to dog aggression is very real and dangerous. Even dogs friendly to humans may not do well with other dogs. Your pet’s safety is also important to us. A dog injured by another dog would ruin everyone’s camping experience
    5. You are also expected to clean up your dog’s waste at the site and during walks around the park
    6. No outside dog houses or kennels are permitted
  6. Parking
    1. Vehicles at your campsite: your RV and no more than 2 cars / trucks. No boats can be stored at campsites. We have a parking area for boats and extra cars. This maintains the ease of driving in and out of the campsites. Cost of the parking of additional vehicles or boats is $10 beyond an 8 hour time period. There is no charge for short term guests to park their cars or if you are bringing your boat on the property for less than 8 hours
    2. Please do not park on the grass unless it is a designated area for parking
  7. Tents
    1. Only open sided / screened canopies are allowed on the campsites
    2. No tent camping is available at the campsites
  8. Speed Limit
    1. 10 mph is the enforced speed limit in the park
    2. Children are playing at the park and people are walking so safety is a primary goal. Drivers are observed by the park owners for their speed and safe operation of vehicles
  9. Motorized vehicles
    1. 4 wheeler, ATV, and motorized scooters are not permitted on the park grounds.
    2. Golf carts are permitted and must also stay within the 10 mph limit
  10. Fireworks
    1. Fireworks are not permitted in the park.
    2. Children can play with sparklers at their campsite with adult supervision
    3. Sparklers must be cleaned up before your departure.
  11. Visitors and Guests
    1. Guests are welcome at the park. Guests need to register at the park office upon arrival. There is no charge for daytime guests.
    2. Maximum occupancy at each campsite is 4 adults. Additional overnight adult guests will be charged $10.00 each per night
    3. Campers are responsible for their guests while on the premises
  12. Electric Use
    1. There is an additional fee for charging electric cars
    2. There is an additional fee for charging boat batteries
  13. Dismissal from the RV Park
    1. Illegal activity will result in immediate dismissal from the RV Park property
    2. Examples of such action include but are not limited to
      1. use or distribution of illegal substances
      2. aggressive or violent behavior
      3. vandalism or defacing of park facilities

*Non- compliance with these guidelines can result in additional fees or being removed from the park.

Please read our Privacy and Cancelation Policy.

We continually monitor for risks or hazards to people and property at this RV Park. As a facility located in nature it is not possible to guard against every type of adverse event. By choosing to stay with us, you are understanding and accepting that natural events and accidents may occur which we are not responsible for.